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Vicarious Media is a unique travel bookshop. Firstly, Vicarious Media specialises in camping, caravanning and Aires stopover books, especially books for motorhomes, campervans, campers and RV's. Secondly, Vicarious Media stocks campsite guidebooks that you cannot buy from high street bookshops. No matter what kind of camper you are, be it under canvas, or in a caravan or camper van, Vicarious Media has the right camping guides for you.

Below is a selection of the Aires camping and caravanning guidebooks stocked by Vicarious Media.

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Books and Guides Published by Vicarious Media:

All the Aires is a series of campervan guidebooks for overnight motorhome stopovers across Europe. All the Aires guides are written in English and the books detail inspected motorhome and campervan overnight stopovers. Service points that motorhome grey waste tanks can be emptied into and the campervan fresh water tank can be refilled from are  also listed. Each Aires guide has colour photographs of the stopover sites and service points. GPS coordinates - points of interest (POI's) - for your satellite navigation machine (satnav) are provided. Stopover sites suitable for large motorhomes and RVs, but not fifth wheel trailers, are identified. All the Aires France lists 3034 overnight motorhome stopover sites in France. The French aires guide was first published in 2007 and the latest All the Aires France North and South was published by Vicarious Books Media in January 2015. All the Aires Spain and Portugal fourth edition was published by Vicarious Books Media in September 2015. This Spanish and Portuguese aires guidebook is the most comprehensive list of municipally provided motorhome stopovers in Spain and Portugal. Also provided are details for the LPG stations in Spain and a good selection in Portugal. Additionally there is a list of the most popular open all year campsites for Spain and Portugal. All the Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands was published by Vicarious Media in April 2015. The guide features overnight motorhome stopovers and dump stations in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. 

Camping Morocco Vicarious Books published Camping Morocco in August 2009. The guide is updated by customers as seen here. Camping Morocco details 100 open all year Moroccan campsites which were inspected in 2009. The guidebook also has 50 beachside parking areas along the Moroccan Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, many of which have beaches suitable for surfing. Camping Morocco features full colour photographs of the camping sites. GPS coordinates - points of interest (POI's)- for your satellite navigation machine (satnav) are provided for every Moroccan listing. Campsite suitability for large motorhomes, RVs and fifth wheel caravans are identified. As we do not have a section for African campsite guides, you will find Camping Morocco listed under European Campsites in the web shop. This campsite guide for Morocco is suitable for people overlanding with tents, towing caravans, and driving motorhomes, campers, RV's and fifth wheel caravans.

Go Motorhoming Europe was first written by Chris Doree and Meli George in 2006 and was republished by Vicarious Books with amendments in 2008. Go Motorhoming Europe was rewritten and published in the autumn of 2011 and revised in December 2016. It was renamed 
Go Motorhoming and Campervanning ( ISBN 9781910664025 ) to reflect that the theory is the same whether you tour in an American RV or a VW campervan. The rewrite was significant and hundreds of photos were added, but the truth is the book remains the most respected guide available about the theory and practice of motorhoming and campervanning. Everything you need to know is explained in words and pictures, from which motorhome to buy to where to go on holiday in your motorhome.

Sea View Camping Scotland, Highlands and Islands Sea View Camping Britain was first written by Brian Leahy in 2006. This unique seaside campsite guide has now been split into three individual guidebooks which make up the Sea View Camping series: Sea View Camping Scotland, Highlands and Islands, Sea View Camping Wales and Sea View Camping West Country. They feature full colour photographs of the campsites and GPS coordinates for your satellite navigation machine for every site. The guides also detail sites' suitability for large motorhomes and RVs. The current editions of Sea View Camping Scotland, Highlands and Islands and Sea View Camping Wales were published by Vicarious Books Media in 2014 and Sea View Camping West Country in 2015. The Sea View Camping series of campsite guides is suitable for tents, caravans, motorhomes and RVs.

Road Trip Europe: The Great War and More is the first of a series of unique driving tours from Vicarious Media. This tour encompasses five cities, four countries and two world wars guiding you through the not to be missed sites and ensuring you have a trip to remember. This tour is suitable for all, giving essential information whether you journey by bike, car, motorhome or caravan. This first edition was published by Vicarious Books Media in 2014.

Road Trip Europe: Go Dutch The second in the series Go Dutch takes you across North and South Holland, Friesland and Gelderland, you will wind your way through time and discover how history has shaped the country you see today.

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Vicarious Media is the UK Agent for the following travel guide books:

ACSI Camping has two products available for campers, both  of which feature campsites in Britain and across Europe.  The ACSI Camping Card is an annually renewable membership which offers campers a discount at participating campsites so you always get a reduced price pitch, barring the last two weeks of July and all of August. Vicarious Media highly recommend campers have the ACSI Camping Card, suitable for tents, caravans, motorhomes, 5th Wheels and RVs.

Fattore Amico is a motorhome farm and vineyard stopover scheme for Italy. Members of Fattore Amico get to stay 24 hours on participating Italian farms or vineyards for free. The stops are located in the popular regions all across Italy, which are ideal for campers looking for a summer retreat or winter sun. Membership of Fattore Amico is renewable annually and runs February to February.

France Passion offers campervanners and motorhomers the opportunity to stay at 2000 French vineyards, farms and restaurants across the whole of France for free. For an annual membership fee members of France Passion are allowed to stay 24 hours at participating French sites. This provides a unique insight into French life as the local French producers are keen to let campers sample the produce and often offer a tour of their establishments.

Aree di Sosta Italian Camper Aires. This the most comprehensive Aires guide for Italy and is published by the Italian Motorhome Club CamperLife IT. 2836 motorhome stopovers, called Aree di Sosta in Italian, are listed in the CamperLife guide. Caravans can stay at 501 of the listed Italian stopovers. Many of the Aree di Sosta are free to stopover and many have service points. The approximate location of the Aires are marked on a double sided map of Italy and Sicily and Sardinia (60cm x 46cm). The type of Aree Sostas are identified by a color-coded symbol printed on the road atlas mapping. A map of the Italian regions is included to help identify the locations.

Reise Mobil Bord Atlas is a large A4 book detailing the motorhome stellplatze in Germany.  The guide is published by Reise Mobil annually and is very popular with British motorhomers. Most of the motorhome stellplatze in Bord Atlas have full colour photographs and all have GPS co-ordinates. Reise Mobile Bord Atlas also details the sites' suitability for large motorhomes and RVs.

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Vicarious Media sells the following campsite and travel guide books and maps:

AA Publishing Maps, Atlases and Travel Guides. The AA are famous for their road maps and Vicarious Books stock the AA EasyRead France Road Atlas, as well as road atlases for Germany, Spain & Portugal and Europe. AA Publishing also produce campsite guides, including
AA Caravan & Camping UK which is produced annually and lists over 900 campsites inspected by AA inspectors. 

Camperstop Europe was one of the first motorhome stopovers guides to publish in English and it now comes in a solely English version. The guide is published annually by Dutch publisher Facile Media. Camperstop Europe features motorhome stopovers in Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Not all countries have motorhome stopovers, therefore farms, restaurants and campsites are also included in the guide book. GPS coordinates for your satellite navigation machine are also included with most Camperstop listings.

Caravan Club Europe is a campsite guide produced in three volumes and published by The Caravan Club. Caravan Club France features campsites in France and Andorra, Caravan Club Spain and Portugal and  Caravan Club Europe features campsites in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland. Campsite listings are submitted by Caravan Club members and the guide is edited at The Caravan Club headquarters by Bernice Hoare. In addition there are pages of useful information for each country detailing road legislation and signs, laws and general information every camper should know.

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Editions Lavorie produces a motorhome stopovers guide for France in French. Le Guide National des Aires de Services is published annually and is available from Easter. We no longer stock this guide as All the Aires France is a far superior product, is written in English and provides much better information.

Haynes Manuals are technical books which thoroughly explain the function and maintenance of just about all parts of the living area of a motorhome. Reading these technical guide books will give you a good understanding of how and why everything works. Motorhomers have two manuals both by John Wickersham, The Motorcaravan Manual and Build your own Motorcaravan. Neither include information on motorhome engine or chassis repairs. 

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Michelin Maps and Road Atlases produce a range of respected road atlases and flat fold out maps for France, Spain, Benelux, Germany, Italy and Western Europe. These products are ideal as the Michelin Road Atlases provide detailed mapping, whilst the Michelin fold-out-flat sheet maps allow road trip route planning. The Michelin France Road Atlas shows height and weight restrictions making it ideal for navigating. The Michelin Spain & Portugal Road Atlas has 65 detailed town plans. The Benelux & Northern France Michelin Road Atlas has road mapping for Belgium, the Netherlands (Holland) and Luxembourg. Anyone travelling to central Europe on a road trip should take the Michelin road atlas for Central Europe, covering Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The fold out sheet maps allow for detailed route planning in advance of your road trip and Michelin produce a sheet map for Great Britain and Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Morocco, Germany, SwitzerlandTurkey, Greece, Scandinavia & Finland and Europe. These Road Atlases and Flat Maps are suitable for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

Michelin Green Guides are tourist guide books to individual countries in Europe. It is very important to know what to visit when you plan your road trip as it is very easy to drive past an important site without even knowing. Michelin have Green Guides to Austria, France, Germany, GreeceIreland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, SpainSwitzerland and to the Wine Regions of France and Wine Trails of Italy. There are also regional guides to France. These guides are suitable for all tourists, no matter how they travel.

Motor Presse produce two guidebooks annually for France in French. The Guide Officiel Camping et Caravaning France has 9333 classified campsites, which includes all the French municipal campsites. There are also 586 aire natural sites, these are simple campsites found in rural locations and only opened for a few summer months. 187 farm camp sites complete the guide. The publisher claims "every camp site in France without exception is listed here in The Official Camping and Caravanning Guide", which is published by Move Publishing in partnership with the Fédération Française de Camping Caravaning (FFCC) and updated every year. This campsite guide book is suitable for tents, caravans and motorhomes and is the only campsite guide book that features all the small and municipal campsites of France. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car is also published by Move Publishing. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car  comes with a foldout map and the guide book details the motorhome stopovers known as Aires in France. Le Guide Officiel Aires de Services Camping Car is only suitable for motorhome and camper vans.

Marco Polo are a new travel publisher who offer a range of publications including Marco Polo travel guides, maps and road atlases and the popular Baedeker travel guides. Their products are designed to be straightforward and engaging and to appeal to the young or young at heart. The information from the travel guides can be extracted quickly and the size and weight of the regional maps and travel guides make them easy to carry around. We stock a wide range of their European travel guides, sheet maps and the Spain and Portugal Road Atlas.

Cades There are several annually published text only UK campsite guides for Great Britain, but Cades have been publishing their campsite guide for decades. Cades Camping, Touring and Motor Caravan Site Guidefeatures 1461 campgrounds across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The caravan parks are listed for free in the guidebook as long as they fill in the information sheets provided by Cade's each year.  Cades campsite guides for UK, Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are suitable for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

Unique travel products are also sold by Vicarious Books. These include  Headlight adapters, sometimes known as beam benders, which are a legal requirement for any British vehicle travelling in Europe. Other legally required accessories like 80/90 speed stickers for vehicles towing  thing while driving in France, or GB stickers which are required for any vehicle from the UK travelling in Europe are also available. Vicarious Books also stocks other useful accessories like the Ticket Clip and the DriveRight driving aid, which is a self-adhesive, and reversible, sticker to help drivers remember which side of the road to drive on. See our full range of accessories here.

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